Mental Programming: Intention

The Body Follows The Mind

This first "Essential" ingredient leverages the concept of the "body follows the mind", which you learned about back in "The Formula (Part 1)".

Let me start this chapter with this very crucial concept:

Being high energy is a STATE OF MIND as much it is a state of the body.

It's easy to think of high energy as being something that is solely a PHYSICAL, BODILY related thing.

But it's not.

After you read this, you will go "Duh", but it is a vitally important and huge step in gaining high energy.

Let's start with what I mean by the word "Intention", the title of this chapter.

What I mean by "Intention" is that you need to wake up everyday with the INTENT TO LIVE WITH HIGH ENERGY.

This sounds so simple, right?

But, how often have you actually done this in your life, let alone on a daily basis?

You've probably never thought about the necessity of doing this, have you?  

Instead, what do most people do every morning?  

They have no intention at all, especially about their energy.

They get up, maybe get some coffee, and have no plan for the day. They're aimless.

No wonder they end up low energy.

And, when they start feeling low energy, which is almost immediately, they just accept it and allow their low energy state to victimize then.

They let it take over and there goes the rest of their day. 

Waking up with no intention to have high energy is like going into a dark room and forgetting to flip the switch.

You need to always remember to flip the switch!

So, when I say "doing this" in the above, I mean SETTING AN INTENTION FOR YOURSELF. It's a MINDSET that you refuse to accept having low energy and that you will not be victimized by it.

I sure never thought about doing this either, until this insight came to me one day while I was struggling with my own low energy problems.


Your INTENT from your MIND kickstarts your BODY.

It's impossible to have high energy if you don't first DEMAND energy from your internal resources.

It's just like a salesperson doesn't get paid if he/she doesn't first ASK the prospect for the sale.

In the same vein, you don't get HIGH ENERGY unless you first ASK your body and mind to SUPPLY it to you.

In this case, you are the salesperson and your mind and body are the customer.

ASK and you shall RECEIVE.

You cannot upgrade your energetic capacity until you realize this is what you want and need to do.

This is mind over matter. 

This is an example of your mind influencing your body. 

This is your mind telling your body to be high energy.

I've also heard somebody refer to this idea as "Positive BS". 

Positive BS is telling yourself something that isn't necessarily true, but becomes true because you say it and believe it.

Just by telling yourself "I feel absolutely amazing and full of energy today", you end up feeling amazing and full of energy.

(This is not the only way. At the end of this chapter, I'll share with you some other ways you can PROCLAIM to yourself that you have high energy.)

It all starts with your INTENTION. 

What is your intention for yourself every morning and every moment of the day?

Make sure it is to LIVE and ACT with high energy.

You need to BELIEVE that you are high energy.

Always be and stay AWARE of what intention (or lack of intention) you are setting for yourself.

Your INTENT and your BELIEF in your energetic capacity is the foundation you are setting for becoming high energy.

If you INTEND to have high energy, then you will.


When you finally INTEND to and BELIEVE that you have high energy, you will start making the right decisions for yourself with your habits, actions, and behaviors that support your HIGH ENERGY.

You will start thinking about everything you do (or don't do) in life and whether it SUPPORTS your energy or DETRACTS from it.

Having high energy will become your most important priority. And because it is a priority, you will always be focused on it and aware of what the things you do (or don't do) are doing to your energetic levels.

This is SO key.

So, maybe next time you pick up a donut from the kitchen at work, you might think to yourself "Maybe it's not such a great idea for me to eat this" and actually put that donut down.

Or, next time you are tempted to stay out until 3:00 am drinking away, you might think to yourself "Maybe I should just go home and get a good night's sleep", and you actually do that.

Do you see how powerful and important this idea is to having high energy?

As a result of your intent and what your intent compels you to do every moment of your life, you will have high energy.


On the flip side of this, you also need to STOP telling yourself anything that stops your energy in the tracks.

You need to stop setting the opposite intent for yourself, i.e. a negative intent.  

An intent to have LOW ENERGY.

Going back to my previous example of going into a dark room and forgetting to flip the light switch:

Going back to my example of going into a dark room and forgetting to flip the light switch:

Setting a negative intention is like not only going into that dark room and forgetting to to flip the switch, but also putting on sunglasses, a blindfold, and then just for fun, putting some marbles on the ground!

Do you see how crazy this is?!

Everyone, as a bad mental habit, does this from time to time.  You may not even realize you do this.

They'll tell themselves or even say things out loud like:

"I'm getting old."

"I'm so tired."

"I feel like shit today."

"I have no energy today."

"I hate the world".

"I'm exhausted."

"I'm run down."

"I'm beat."

"I have a headache."

Just like starting your day with the positive intent to have high energy will facilitate your high energy, telling yourself these negative things will set your day off with negative intent, resulting in low energy.

Stop doing that. 

No more negative thoughts. 

From now on, NEVER concede or admit that you feel tired or that you feel low energy.

Believe in yourself and your deep and vast capacity for high energy instead.

Whatever you believe will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It's just like that famous Henry Ford quote:

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."

So, my friend, what INTENT will you set for yourself daily from now on?!


From today until forever, wake up every day and tell yourself WITH INTENT that you will have high-energy today. 

BELIEVE that you have high energy. 

BELIEVE that high energy is possible and your BIRTHRIGHT to claim.

Without taking this first step every morning for the rest of your life, the other things you will learn in this program will not matter.

Tell yourself one of these things every morning (and every time you feel a little tired) and really mean it:

"I am unstoppable!"

"I will kill it today!"

"I am so energetic today!"

"Nobody and nothing can stop me!"

"I'm full of energy today!"

"I love my life and I will live every minute of this day with energy and passion!"

"I am limitless!"

"I am so excited for today!"

"There is no limit to my energy!"

"I am a badass!"

"I am full of energy and excitement!"

"I am a high energy badass!"

And NEVER again, for the rest of your life, make any declaration (to yourself or to others) about having low energy.


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