A Short Example of a Fast Lane Conversation

Earlier, I gave you an example of a "slow lane" conversation.

I hope that the example I gave you will be the last slow lane conversation you will ever experience! 

Now, wake yourself up from your stunned stupor because I'm going to give you a taste of a "fast lane" conversation.

While I was creating this course, I was at a coffee shop and I ordered a cup of coffee. As the barista handed me my cup of coffee, a part of it spilled on her hand.

So, for educational purposes, here is how this conversation would have gone if it were a "slow lane" conversation:

Me: Ouch...are you okay?

Barista: Yeah I'm alright, I'm used to it.

Me: Well, take care of it, sorry that happened.

Barista: No worries, let me know if you need me to add more cream or sugar.

Me: Okay, thanks, have a good day.

A very typical, mundane, and "autopilot" conversation, right? This is what happens when you don't know how to take a conversation from "slow lane" to "fast lane".

Now, here is now the conversation REALLY went (yes, it was indeed a fast lane conversation!):

Me: Ouch...are you okay?

Barista: Yeah I'm alright, I'm used to it.

Me: I'm sure. You're probably superhuman by now. I bet you could reach into a hot oven and pull out a red hot cake pan with your bare hands!

Barista: I've ACTUALLY done that!

Me: What?! I think you need to immediately sign up to become a firefighter with that kind of talent. You're totally wasting your talent here.

Barista: Yes, but that would require agility, something I don't have.

Me: Yeah, you were unacceptably slow avoiding that coffee burn. Also, becoming a firefighter requires carrying people heavier than you on your back.

Barista: Yeah..."Sorry about your cat, I couldn't drag it out in time".

Me: Omg...cat killer!

Barista: What, you think you how to handle a pussy better than me?

Me: Haha...maybe not, but I haven't messed one up yet...

Barista: Hahaha!

And, then when I went to pay for that cup of coffee and an extra bag of coffee beans I selected, I had this conversation with the cashier:

Barista: Do you want me to grind these beans for you?

Me: No way, that's committing a serious CRIME against coffee beans.

Barista: I know, I know. Sorry, I'm required to ask...

Me: You don't want to be accessory to murder...you coffee bean murderer!

Barista: Haha! I'm always giving customer subliminal messages "You want them whole. You want them whole. You want them whole."

Me: Yeah, you're like "Do you want them whole or (in a quick whispering voice while covering my mouth) or grounded (said quickly)".

Barista: I just pretend to grind them, and they get a nice surprise when they get home.

Me: Hahaha! You did the right thing. You're like the Robin Hood of coffee beans liberating them from burr grinders everywhere....well until they get home at least.

Barista: Hahaha! You're too funny!

This is what I mean being able to consistently have fast lane conversations at anytime. 

Now, let's get learning about how to do that!


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